Paragliding on the Amalfi Coast

“Experience the thrill of admiring the Amalfi Coast from an original perspective: discover paragliding flights on the Amalfi Coast at the most characteristic launch points on the coast.”

The paraglider is a wing designed to allow the pilot to take off using the thrust of the legs. It is characterized by the launch point along steep slopes such as mountainous ones. Paragliding, in fact, takes advantage of wind and height. Its origins date back to the late ’60s and, today, it has become a real sport for which there are also competitions. Tandem or tandem paragliding is characterized by the presence of a certified instructor who steers the paraglider. In this way, the activity is safe for everyone and the passenger can enjoy the adrenaline experience without any worries.

Paragliding equipment and clothing

The necessary equipment for paragliding consists of the harness, the spare parachute and the helmet. As far as clothing is concerned, we recommend trekking shoes in order to walk on the usually uneven ground and to land safely. In addition, it is also advisable to wear a windproof jacket and sportswear depending on the season.

Flight technique

Paragliding is also called free flight because it is done without the aid of an engine. The launching and flying technique for paragliding requires, first of all, to lay the glider on the ground with the edge up, then to hook the harness and tie it with the breastplate. Then, you take the harness and move forward running so that the wing inflates and rises bringing up the pilot and passenger. When aloft, the pilot puts in place the tractions with his hands and feet to float in the air and manage the direction and landing.

Paragliding and hang gliding: what are the differences?

Paragliding and hang gliding are similar in some aspects, but also different in some of the main characteristics. First of all, the seat: in hang-gliding, passengers fly facing forward and the pilot leads the vehicle by means of the bar; in paragliding, on the other hand, the wing shape of the glider is maintained by the air and, while the passenger is seated on a saddle, the pilot manoeuvres the vehicle by means of the two handles, the brakes and the controls. The speed is also different: with hang gliding you fly, take off and land at a higher speed than with paragliding. Hang gliders can also be powered, unlike paragliders.

Where you can fly in Italy: paragliding flights in Amalfi Coast

The spectacular setting of the Amalfi Coast makes paragliding even more unique and suggestive. There are different launch points that allow you to enjoy a view of the most characteristic places of the coast: from Monte Faito to Paestum, until you get to enjoy a view of Vesuvius in Naples. What are you waiting for? Book your paragliding flight on the Amalfi Coast!