Rafting on Lake Garda

“Rafting on Lake Garda is full of steeps and easier routes for those new to the sport. Here are the best rafting routes on the Adige River.”

Rafting is a sport that consists of river descent on a particular inflatable boat that is called raft. It is practiced in rivers and streams where, thanks to the flow of water and the paddle, you direct overcoming natural obstacles such as rocks or rapids that the path presents.

Rafting combines mountain hiking and the fun of a water sport. Rafting routes include both nature walks to reach the river and adrenaline-filled descents into the water.

The raft can generally accommodate up to 8 people (7 participants plus the guide) and this feature makes it ideal to be shared with the family, with a group of friends to celebrate important events such as bachelorette / celibacy and for team building.

The level of difficulty changes depending on the characteristics of the river and its routes and is defined according to the WW scale (derived from the German term Wildwasser or wild water). This measurement system uses Roman numerals from I to VI. Soft rafting is the first level of difficulty (I) and is characterized by easier descents, ideal for beginners and children. The intermediate levels, from II to III are characterized by steeps and obstacles to overcome. Finally, the white water rafting is the last level (IV) for the most experienced that is practiced in the so-called white water, or rivers and streams where the water flows at great speed.

Trying rafting is definitely very exciting and is a great way to test your skills and exceed your limits.

How to practice rafting: techniques and suggestions

As anticipated, rafting is a sport that depending on the route takes on different levels of difficulty. In its simplest versions, it does not require any particular qualities: you do not need to be able to swim perfectly or be a professional athlete. However, it is advisable to have confidence with the water and a good physical shape.

In order to face the adrenaline descents in the best way, it is important to rely on an expert guide who can provide the main indications for paddling. Navigation techniques require a good use of the paddle to maneuver in a coordinated manner with the whole group.

The equipment for rafting is generally provided by the rafting centers. It is advisable to wear sports shoes, a bathing suit and a technical shirt depending on the season.

When to go rafting: costs and cancellation policy

To be able to practice rafting is necessary that there is a right level of water in the river that allows the navigation. This characteristic varies depending on the season, location, climate and rainfall.

Rafting descents can take place in both good and bad weather as rain can only increase the fun. The only cases in which it is necessary to cancel the activity is when the weather conditions do not allow a safe descent.

For these reasons, therefore, there is no specific period in which it is preferable to do rafting as it changes depending on the flow of the river.

The cost of rafting is generally around 25-60 euros depending on the route, duration and additional services.

Rafting on Lake Garda

There are many places where you can go rafting in Italy that are distinguished by their landscapes, climate and waterways. Rafting on Lake Garda is mainly practiced on the Adige River, which originates in South Tyrol and flows into the Adriatic Sea.

Rafting on Lake Garda is characterized by simple descents, ideal for beginners, families, groups and couples who are approaching this sport for the first time.

The flow of the river, in fact, is generally limited and allows you to experience the thrill of the descent aboard the raft in total safety, thanks to expert guides who instruct participants on how to proceed.