How can I book?

Booking is simple, safe and fast! Search for the activity on our catalog, enter the date and number of people on the booking form. After making the payment you will receive within 24 hours the confirmation of the reservation by e-mail and WhatsApp message. Show up at the indicated meeting point and live your experience.

Can I book by phone?

No. Reservation requests are made directly online because we cannot receive personal or banking information. However, we can guide you through the booking process to provide the assistance you need. Find our contact information here.

My reservation has been confirmed, what should I do?

Enjoy! Your dream is about to come true, show up at the pre-arranged meeting point on the day and time indicated in your booking confirmation and enjoy your new adventure.

I made the reservation, but I have yet to receive the confirmation, how long should I wait?

We will respond within a few hours and no later than 24 hours of receiving your reservation request. If the activity you selected is no longer available, we will contact you to help you find a new activity that meets your needs or you will not be credited any cost.

My reservation has been cancelled, what should I do?

You will be offered another date or you will be refunded the full amount. All details can be found on our Cancellation Policy.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Check the cancellation level applied to the activity you have chosen, you can find it on your booking confirmation. All the necessary instructions to proceed with the cancellation request can be found in our Cancellation Policy.

Can I change my reservation?

Yes. Contact us by email at or on WhatsApp at +39 3914643908 indicating the reservation number with the new date and time you would like to do the activity. We will find the best solution for you.

Can I contact the instructor with whom I will be doing my chosen activity?

Yes. You will receive in the booking confirmation, via email and WhatsApp message, all the details and contacts relating to the sports center and instructors with whom you will carry out the activity.