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Do you want to experience a thrill? Then try the tandem skydive from 4300 m in Syracuse! The free fall is the craziest adventure you can experience: 50 seconds that will feel like a lifetime, between turns and spirals, before gently touching the ground.
And what better place to jump than Syracuse? Only the sky is above you and the splendid gulf on the Ionian Sea below you, which appears and disappears among the clouds.

You don’t need to be a superhero to jump in tandem from an astonishing height of 4300 m: just be in good health and have a lot of fun.

After a quick briefing, you’ll put on the vest with which you’ll be firmly attached to the professional instructor and climb to the top. And when it is time, you will approach the hatch and start to feel the wind on your face: will you have the courage to jump?

Tandem Skydive in Syracuse is a memorable experience, shared with certified instructors who have achieved the best possible training and experienced the most modern parachuting techniques. All equipment are periodically serviced and certified.

The tandem jump is an activity accessible to everyone: the only limitation is the age, set at 16 years and in this case you will need an authorization issued by a parent. You’ll only need to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the season and, if you wear glasses, contact lenses are recommended. But if you don’t have them, you’ll have special eyeglass covers at your disposal.

And the thrill of flying with a 4300 m parachute will not remain only in your most exciting memories: you have the opportunity to request photos and videos of this incredible experience, taken by qualified video makers who will jump with you, to film every stage of the launch.

The price for photos or video 50€

The price for photos and video 80€

Recommended clothing and equipment Sneakers, sportswear
What’s included
Safety glasses
Qualified instructor
Additional information
Minimum age +16 with parental authorization
No medical certificate is required, the important thing is to be in good health.
No patent or licence required, the theoretical and technical competence rests with the tandem pilot.
In order to be able to carry out the activity, it is necessary to be in possession of an identification document or passport.
Activities available all year round on weekends and weekdays for groups of more than 5 people (ask for information).
Cancellation policy


Tandem jump € 230.00
Avio Club Siracusa -Str. Laganelli, 3, 96100 Siracusa SR
Lancio in paracadute tandem a Siracusa | italy-adventure.com

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