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A tandem paragliding flight in Taormina is an emotion you will never forget.
A short ride down a slope and suddenly you’ll be up there, hanging from a huge coloured glider, which uses upward currents to make you experience the dream of a lifetime: to fly. Once in the sky, you will feel free and far from the thousands of daily worries, which will remain further and further away on earth. Lightweight and without ballast, you will conquer a piece of the sky and unexpectedly, you will feel much, much stronger.

Our shuttle will take you to the take-off point, which will be from the slopes of Mount Venus, near Letojanni, at 800 metres above sea level. From there, after a short briefing in which you will be given the necessary knowledge for a paragliding flight, your adventure will begin. Accompanied by a certified pilot, you will enjoy the thrill of flying and the beauty of Sicily, which you will admire from an unusual perspective: a breathtaking view, with Taormina just below you with the Calabria and the Strait of Messina at a distance.

No special requirements are necessary to experience this adventure. You just have to rely on the experience and professionalism of qualified pilots, who will put safety first. You just have to think about having fun. The paragliding flight from Monte Venere will last 25 minutes, but to you it will seem like much more: it’s not every day that you fly over the world!
And when you get home, you’ll take all your memories with you: at the end of the flight you’ll be given a micro SD card, with which you’ll be able to relive your adventure and your emotions endlessly.

Recommended clothing and equipment Sportswear, hiking shoes, headgear, backpack, water, snacks, cell phone.
Complete Paragliding Equipment
Qualified instructor
Paragliding flight duration 25 mins
Free transfer
Photos and Video
Additional informations
Maximum weight allowed per 130 kg passenger depending on the wind.
Cancellation Policy


Tandem Paragliding flight in Taormina from 800m + Photo & Video included € 175.00

On arrival

Once you reach the meeting point you will meet your instructor who will explain you the safety procedures, the flight technique and everything you need to know about your adventure.


Wear the tandem paragliding equipment that was provided to you by the staff.

The flight

Once the equipment is worn you’ll begin the take-off with your instructor and in flight.

After the activity

Once landed, remember to collect photos and videos of your flight experience.You can relive the feelings of this experience whenever you want.
Piazzetta Angelo D'Arrigo, Via Michelangelo Garufi, 98037 Letojanni ME

Il Team

The team is born from the passion for paragliding and is composed of qualified pilots and qualified for the two-seater flight that will make you experience a unique tandem paragliding in total safety.


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