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Rock climbing has always been considered a sport for professionals only. Nothing could be more wrong. With the right guides and the desire to overcome one’s limits, it is actually an activity suitable for everyone, even children. If you want to test your courage and experience the strongest adrenaline rush ever experienced before, challenge the Menaggio cliff! You will advance towards the top slowly, choosing carefully the stones where to put your feet, in a sort of challenge to the heights, to your fears and, of course, to the mountain.

The Menaggio Cliff overlooks Lake Como and offers a large number of medium-level routes, from which you will also have time to take your eyes off the rock to enjoy the breathtaking view that stretches below you. The aim of this adventure is not to learn in a few hours how to climb a mountain, but to live an experience, to understand what it feels like to move away from the earth and to perceive your body in a new way, while looking for a safe foothold. And if you should slip, don’t worry: all climbing is done in total safety, thanks to the certified equipment and the experience of the guide who accompanies you.

With climbing on the Menaggio Cliff you will learn how to manage the equipment and the rope, you will learn the most correct and functional postures, but above all you will become aware of your mental strength, which will be strengthened.

Climbing in Menaggio on Lake Como is suitable for everyone, beginners and experienced climbers, so much so that even children can experience the thrill of the experience, provided they are at least 10 years old. You will be accompanied by an expert and qualified guide, who will assist you in every moment of climbing, and you will be provided with all the necessary equipment to safely reach the summit.

Recommended clothing and equipment Hiking shoes, snacks and drinks, fleece sweatshirt, windproof or k-way, clothes suitable for the season, spare shirt, cap, sunscreen.
What is included
Climbing Equipment
Certified instructor
Continuous assistance and tutoring
Additional Information
Minimum age 10+ with parental authorisation.
Possibility to request transfer after booking.
The experience is also available in exclusive mode for groups and private tours, contact us for more info.
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Rock climbing in Menaggio on Lake Como € 60.00
Menaggio - 22017 Menaggio, Province of Como

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