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Paragliding flying is a challenge, to the sky and your courage. To experience the thrill of a paragliding flight in Norma, close to Rome, you will first of all have to face a walk in the middle of nature, but it is when you arrive at the take-off point that your real adventure begins.

After checking the weather conditions, the professional pilot will give you a short briefing, during which you will learn the most appropriate behaviour to adopt during take-off, flight and landing. And then, after a short rush, you’ll be up there, fighting between restlessness and amazement.

The panorama below you will be breathtaking: meadows, trees and villages will get closer and closer, giving you the most exclusive emotion ever experienced.

The flight will take place in total safety thanks to the professionalism of our pilots and you will be provided with all the necessary equipment.The paragliding flight at Norma does not require any preparation, neither physical nor theoretical. All you need to do is equip yourself with trekking shoes, a good windbreaker to protect yourself from the thermal excursion and, if necessary, plastic sports glasses.

If you want, you will be able to fly wearing your front camera, otherwise we will take care of immortalizing you while you challenge the sky and the heights. You will take home the indelible memory of the greatest adventure of your life!

We have three different paragliding experiences for you:

  • Paragliding flight lasting 15-20 min, it is suitable for those who are approaching this sport for the first time.
  • Paragliding flight lasting 40-45 min – if you feel adventurous, this is the right experience for you to admire all the plains, hills and headlands of Agro Pontino from above.
  • Paragliding flight lasting 2-3 hours, is reserved for those who already have previous experience. You will cover up to 80 km in flight and you will have the opportunity to pilot on your own.
Recommended clothing and equipment Sportswear, trekking/gymnastic shoes, headgear, backpack, water, snack, mobile phone, front camera
Paragliding Equipment
Qualified instructor
Photo and Video
Additional information
Maximum permitted weight per passenger 130 kg wind dependent

Minimum age +8 with parental authorization

Cancellation policy


Paragliding flight 15-20 minutes € 90.00
Paragliding flight 40-45 minutes € 150.00
Paragliding flight 2-3 hours € 350.00
Circonvallazione Antica Norba 04010 Norma LT

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