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Since the ’90 Kitesurfs, sailing adrenaline sports, is spreading like wildfire on the beautiful Italian coasts.
From 1820 to today far the man has tried the kites be towed by applying to rolling stock, canoes and everything that might flow on land or water, but only in the early 80s thanks to the French brothers Legaignoux that the traction kite in water it becomes a practicable sport, accessible and above all safe.
Thanks to the professionalism of the team, you’ll learn to be autonomous in the management of kitesurfing and surrounded by the beautiful scenic backdrop of the Amalfi Coast, you will live an adrenaline and full of fun.
The spot on the Amalfi Coast offers lots of windy days between 15 and 20 knots.
A long sequence of thermals that allows the fast progress of the students.
With the certainty of daily wind you can program the day they take lesson kite according to their personal commitments.
Instructors are at work every day, including holidays.

Recommended clothing and equipment Sportswear, swimsuit, beach towel, sun protection, light clothing to protect from sunlight, water repellent backpack
Complete Kitesurf Equipment
Qualified Instructor
Boat passage
Assistance and continuous tutoring
Not Included
Snacks and drinks
Additional informations
To be able to access the course it is necessary to know how to swim.
The course lasts 8 hours divided into several days to be arranged with the instructor according to weather.
Minimum age +12 years with the permission of a parent.
Assistance and continuous tutoring (ratio 1/2: one instructor for every 2 students).
Have a mobile phone with a waterproof case, which will be mandatory to wear during navigation.
The annual subscription to the ASD which includes the membership to the Italian Sailing Federation and insurance coverage is required.
Cancellation Policy


Basic kitesurf course for beginners in the Amalfi Coast € 480.00

The basic course is structured in two parts:



The theoretical part, where you will learn the principle of flight of the kite, the safety procedures and the assembly and disassembly of the equipment.


The practical part that will take place entirely in water with the continuous assistance of an instructor where you will practice with, so you can learn safely for themselves and for others the maneuvering techniques that will allow you to manage the kiteYou will learn the departures with the board, the glide and the upwind.

Two meeting points are available according to need1- Cetara – Porto di Cetara, Strada Statale Amalfitana, Cetara, SA2- Circolo Canottieri Irno, Via Porto, Salerno, SA

The Team

The Team is a sports association recognized by the Italian Sailing Federation as a Kiteboard school, composed of five instructors, an IKO instructor and three collaborators.The teaching takes place in the period from April to October, as the temperatures and general climatic conditions are the most suitable for sailing sports, although it is still possible to practice throughout the year.The school offers Kitesurf course and Sup excursions and has instructors and first level equipment such as the innovative Bluetooth headsets that will allow every single student to stay in constant contact with their instructor in order to learn in complete safety.Beyond the sea and the constant wind, necessary for water sports and sailing, the team offers the love and passion that are the perfect glue for the dissemination and complete learning of the activities offered in the spectacular scenery of the Amalfi Coast.


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