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For all those who regard the sea with love and respect, the Introductory Dive is a fundamental moment of transition. It is not an underwater dive like any other but rather a ritual in which you can participate in with pride and respect, as well as with the enthusiasm of a maturity test to be passed with flying colours. And when the setting for such a solemn ceremony is the crystal clear depths of Porto Cesareo in Puglia, the event takes on a completely different significance and becomes a celebration to remember for a long time.
We of Italy Adventure have a team of certified instructors who are fully qualified cards to handle your Introductory Dive. Thanks to them you will be able to finally experience the unique emotion of breathing underwater while admiring the enchanting spectacle of the Apulian seabed in all its naturalness and in all its perspectives. In a whole new and fascinating dimension, under the supervision of an experienced instructor who has been diving in these waters for decades and who knows them like the back of his hand, you will enjoy a spectacle like no other in the world.
The depth and length of your dive will be evaluated at the appropriate time for your Introductory Dive.
An underwater dive that will change your life and create emotions bound to be etched in your memory forever.

Recommended clothing and equipment Sportswear, swimsuit, beach towel.
Complete Scuba Diving Equipment
Qualified Instructor
Snacks and drinks
Additional informations
You need to know how to swim in order to enjoy your experience
Minimum age +10 years with the permission of a parent
The dive shall be carried out in open waters at a maximum depth of 12m
Continuous assistance and tutoring
Cancellation Policy


Introductory Dive in Porto Cesareo with diving up to 12m deep € 85.00
Via Litoranea per Torre Lapillo, 73010 Torre Lapillo - Porto Cesareo LE

Il Team

The team is born out of the passion for diving and the desire to publicize the passion and knowledge of the sea and the depths of Porto Cesareo and is composed of an experienced team of instructors and dive masters: PADI, WASE and SSI who propagate and enforce the respect for the sea.The facility is located in the Marine Protected Area called “Porto Cesareo” and is managed by a professional, as well as an instructor, with experience in Italy and abroad including Malaysia and Thailand.


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