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The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful diving areas thanks to its biodiversity and crystalline seabed.
We offer you a boat trip and a first diving experience that will give you the opportunity to decide if you want to take a diving course.
Our team will bring you on a boat trip that can be used by you, a friend or your family that can accompany you in this wonderful after making arrangements with our staff.
Arrived to the dive place you’ll try for the first time the immersion in the immense blue where the beautiful backdrop will be held and try the feeling of breathing under water living an unforgettable experience.
You will savor the tranquility and silence of the sea where you can admire all the marine biodiversity in total safety.
At the end of the dive you can relax in the beautiful waters of the Amalfi Coast with your fellow adventure and then return to the meeting point admiring the divine Amalfi Coast from the boat.

Recommended clothing and equipment Sportswear, sneakers, swimsuit, headgear, backpack, water, snacks, sun protection, cell phone.
Complete Scuba Diving Equipment
Qualified instructor
Additional informations
To live the experience it’s necessary to can swim.
Minimum age +10 years with the authorization of a parent.
During the introductory dive you’ll reach a maximum depth of 10 meters under the supervision of your instructor.
Assistance and continuous tutoring.
Possibility to host friends on the boat, request information.
Cancellation Policy


Introductory Dive in the Amalfi Coast € 110.00

On arrival

Once you reach the meeting point you’ll meet your instructor who will accompany you on his boat at the dive site.He will explain everything you need to know about your new experience and in the meantime you can admire the divine Amalfi Coast from the boat.


Wear the diving equipment given you by the staff.


The great moment has arrived!You’ll immerse yourself in a beautiful backdrop always accompanied by our instructor who will assist you for the duration of the dive and you can experience an adventure in extreme tranquility and safety

After the activity

Once you’ve finished your dive you can still be a little ‘in total relaxation and take a bath with your adventure mates.
Stazione Marittima di Salerno, Molo Manfredi, 84121 Salerno SA

Il Team

The team was born from the passion for diving and the desire to spread the passion and knowledge of the sea and seabed of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast area.The team consists of an experienced team of instructors and dive masters: PADI, WASE and SSI that spread and impose respect for the sea.


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