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Flying has been a man’s dream since the dawn of time, but to do it hanging from a beautiful colored balloon, hovering silently in the wind, is an incredible experience! To experience the thrill of flying in a hot air balloon, in fact, you will have to find the courage to get on board a simple wicker basket and let yourself be carried away by the currents, which will decide the direction of your journey. And it doesn’t matter that you have already flown: doing it standing up, in a very small space, thanks only to the fire that fills the balloon with heat, is an unprecedented challenge!
The balloon flight in Mondovì, besides giving you the thrill of an uncommon experience, offers you the opportunity to admire this corner of Piedmont from an unusual perspective. Just think that if you are lucky and fly on a particularly clear day, you will have the privilege to enjoy the superb view of the snowy Monviso, while in the other direction your gaze can reach Corsica, after crossing the stretch of sea that separates the French island from the mainland.
The balloon flight takes about an hour and its course is decided only by the wind. The qualified pilot, who guarantees the absolute safety of the experience, is entrusted with the choice of the height to fly at: in some moments you will climb up to a height of 500 m, in others you will glide slowly caressing the tops of the trees, in a succession of emotions really exciting.
The experience begins at the Mondovì Aeroclub, 80 km from Turin, and ends where the wind will decide. But don’t worry: an off-road vehicle will pick you up and take you back to the starting point. But not before having celebrated your flight, with a toast and a tasting of local cold cuts and cheeses and, of course, having received your Certificate of Flight Baptism, signed by the pilot, which will certify your experience and your courage.

Recommended clothing and equipmentCasual clothing, outdoor shoes, outdoor jacket, hat
What’s included
Detailed pre-flight briefing
Hot air balloon flight of about one hour
Wine Tasting once landing
Certificate of baptism of flight signed by the pilot
Transport with off-road vehicles
The experience has a total duration of 3-4 hours, including 40-60 minutes of flight time.
Aviation insurance provided by current legislation
Additional information
In order to be able to carry out the activity, it is necessary to be in possession of an identification document or passport.
Minimum age allowed +8 years with parental authorisation
Pregnant women, people who have had injuries, surgeries that limit walking, or have osteoporosis problems cannot fly.
The experience is also available in exclusive mode for groups and private tours, contact us for more info.
Cancellation policy


Hot Air Balloon Flight for adults (11+)€ 225.00
Hot air balloon flight for children from 6 to 12 years€ 109.00
Corso Francia, 20, 12084 Mondovì CN, Italia

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