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What is horseback riding

Horseback riding or equestrianism is a practice of horseback riding that allows people to ride to discover places surrounded by nature.

In addition to the beauty of discovering the land, there are many benefits of horseback riding. Physical such as strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. Psychological such as awareness of the present moment, breathing, and last but not least, the unique connection that is created with the horse.

The horse is a noble and sensitive animal that fascinates and intimidates at the same time. Taking a horseback ride is also possible for beginners and/or those who are getting into the saddle for the first time. The instructor and companions will provide all the guidance regarding posture in the saddle, feet in the stirrups and how to hold the reins to handle the animal.

How the activity takes place

The horseback ride in Rieti, near Rome begins at the point indicated on the map.

This is a horseback ride in the naturalistic setting of Lake Salto, in the province of Rieti, a destination not far from Rome and easily accessible.

You can decide between two types of horseback excursions:

  • 60 min horseback ride immersed in nature: available Monday through Sunday (times vary depending on the season). This is an easy experience suitable for everyone, even those who have never had experience with horses.
  • 90 min horseback ride on the shores of Lake Salto: available Monday through Friday (times vary by season). You will reach the lake by riding exclusively on a paved road. This is an expert-only experience with a group of up to 4 people.

Both include an intial briefing, horseback riding and an aperitif with local products.

Who is the activity for

Horseback riding tour is a suitable activity for everyone. You can choose the type of walk according to your experience: beginner or expert. Each walk is always guided and supported by at least two Staff members.

The minimum age for horseback riding is 14 years old. Men who weigh more than 100kg and women who weigh more than 85kg must notify at the time of booking in order to assess availability and horse assignment. It represents an ideal tour for couples, a group of friends or family.


Services included

Qualified instructor


Technical equipment

Services not included

CONI membership valid for 12 months from issuance: 5euros to be paid in cash on site

Recommended clothing

Sportswear suitable for the season

Long pants

Smooth-soled sneakers or boots - no boots with platform or lug soles allowed - hiking or mountaineering boots prohibited

Small fanny pack to be tied around the waist - no large bags or backpacks allowed

Additional information

In order to carry out the activity, it is necessary to be in possession of an identification document

Men who weigh more than 100kg and women who weigh more than 85kg must notify at the time of booking

Cancellation policy


Horseback riding – 60min €30/person
Horseback riding – 90min €40/person

Meeting Points

Borgo San Pietro, SP22/a, Borgo San Pietro, RI 02025


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