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The flight school offers sports flight experiences that include introductory briefings, in order to learn about the aircraft and its controls as well as an actual 20-minute flight with an instructor at your side. The flight experience is carried out using a double control aircraft with the opportunity of a piloting test.
In the flight for two, the experience becomes doubly exciting: it is in fact possible to organize the flight with the presence of two aircraft that have visual contact and radio, thus making it possible to share sensations and emotions.
A unique and adrenaline-filled experience for those who want to spend a pleasant day outdoors.

Recommended clothing and equipment Comfortable clothing suitable for the season
60-minute pre-flight briefing
Effective flight, with a double control piloting test with an instructor, a 20-minute flight (Single flight)
Flight involving two aircraft that have visual and radio contact for 20 minutes (Flight in pairs)
Registration, insurance and membership card are included
Not included
Snacks and drinks
Additional informations
Minimum age +18
In order to be able to carry out the activity you must be in possession of an identification document or passport
Cancellation Policy


Sport flight experience for one person € 100.00
Sports flight experience for 2 people in planes formation € 190.00
SP18, 85024 Gaudiano di Lavello, Lavello PZ
Sport flight
Sport flight
Sport flight

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