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We will visit the most characteristic places of the city with an e-bike, the Park of Molentargius is the natural reserve of pink flamingos in Europe. The park is home to the salt pans and the remains of the old salt factory.
Following the cycling path, we will cross the district of Sant’Elia where we will see the football team stadium and shortly after we will reach the tourist port of Su Siccu.
Immediately afterwards we can marvel at the Church of Bonaria, one of the most important and celebrated churches in the city, we will reach the center along the sea and arrive in Via Roma, where you can admire the Town Hall, Largo Carlo Felice and the Marina District with its ancient and fascinating palaces.
The return journey passes through the lovely cycling path that runs alongside the long beach, where there are characteristic kiosks for a short break. The path leads to Quartu Sant’Elena, where the tour ends. The tour starts from Quartu Sant’Elena, inside the Molentergius Park, a natural reserve of pink flamingos and continues to the tourist port of Su Siccu and the Church of Bonaria and finally ends in Via Roma in the city centre.
Visit Cagliari with an e-bike, to discover the city in an entertaining way.

Recommended clothing and equipment Sun protection, sportswear, sunglasses, snacks and beverages.
E-bike rental and guide
Liability insurance
Gel saddle cover
Courtesy backpack
Additional informations
Children under 18 years of age with parental consent
Group experience for 2 people
Cancellation Policy


E-bike tour of the city of Cagliari € 49.00
Parco Naturale Molentargius Saline, Via la Palma, Cagliari, CA, according to need.

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Ebike school offers e-bikes rental in Cagliari and Tour excursions in the South of the island.
Visiting Sardinia with e-bikes is a simple, ecological and effective way to discover the landscapes and scenery that the island has to offer by riding through the seaside and countryside as well as through villages and small town centres.
E-bikes make city trips exciting by allowing limited effort and optimizing time.
The E-Mountain bikes are ideal for off-road excursions, making it pleasant to tackle even the most challenging hills and longer journeys.
Home delivery, equipment and assistance included.
Discover a new way to visit Sardinia with e-bikes!


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