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Do you want to live an exciting adventure? Come and do Canyoning in the Vajo dell’Orsa Minore stream at Lake Garda! No other outdoor activity allows you to descend from a waterfall, dive into clear pools of water, slide down natural slides and, ultimately, live in close contact with the unspoiled nature of the Adige Valley.
Canyoning in the Vajo dell’Orsa Minore is suitable for everyone, young and old, as long as they are at least 9 years old. Your adventure will begin at the Canyoning Station near Brentino Belluno, east of Lake Garda. After reaching the canyon with a 20-minute walk upstream, the experience will begin with a short briefing, given by the Alpine Guide responsible for your safety, from start to finish, who will explain the main techniques and how to use the equipment.
From here on, it will only be you and your emotions, as you face the descent into the waters, now impetuous, now placid, of the torrent. 1 km of strong emotions, to be experienced in absolute safety: in addition to sliding down the toboggans, you will have to face 6 waterfalls, one of which is even 15 m high, and a jump, not mandatory, of 5 m. 100 meters of difference in height between water and woods, before returning to the base, about 2-3 hours later, where a hot shower awaits you.
Can you imagine an equally exciting way to experience an outdoor adventure in the wilderness?

Recommended clothing and equipment Sporty, hiking/gym shoes, water, snacks, towel, full change.
Description and characteristics
Length: about 1 km
The difference in height: 100 m
Highest waterfall: 15 m
Highest jump: 5 m (not mandatory)
Total number of waterfalls: 6
Ascent on foot: about 20 minutes
What is included
Certified Canyoning Guide
Complete canyoning equipment
Additional Information
Duration: 2/3h
Minimum age 9 with parental authorization
If you wish you can bring waterproof cameras, Go-Pro, phones with waterproof houses
The experience is also available in exclusive mode for groups and private tours, contact us for more info
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Canyoning for adults € 70.00
Canyoning for children from 9 to 14 years € 50.00
Via Molini, 2, 37020 Brentino Belluno VR

Canyoning dell'Orsa Minore, Lago di Garda
Canyoning dell'Orsa Minore, Lago di Garda
Canyoning dell'Orsa Minore, Lago di Garda
Canyoning dell'Orsa Minore, Lago di Garda
Canyoning dell'Orsa Minore, Lago di Garda
Canyoning Vajo dell’Orsa Lago di Garda | www.italy-adventure.com

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