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The Flight in an Acrobatic Glider in Bologna with Luca Bertossio, more precisely in Ozzano in Emilia intends to become the experience of your life. Flying in a glider is in itself an adrenaline-pumping and exciting sport, but when you add to the thrill of the flight the daring acrobatics of a world champion, then the moment becomes pure energy.

Flying in a glider will start with a lot of noise and turbulence. In order to reach an altitude of 1500 m, in fact, you will need to be towed by a small plane, whose engine exhausts will necessarily impact on the nose of the glider. But when you reach altitude, the thrill begins: suddenly the glider will be released and the nose of the aircraft will point downwards, but it will only be a moment. The pilot will take control and the glider will glide lightly, in a sudden surreal silence.

This is what happens in a normal flight. But in the Aerobatic Glider flight in Bologna, the adrenaline rush won’t end here, on the contrary: it is right now that Luca Bertossio will give it his best, making you experience the craziest aerobatic evolutions in complete safety, guaranteed by the professionalism and experience of a world champion.

With the experience you will learn some notions of flying, experience the sensations of an aerobatic flight and have the opportunity to participate in a debriefing, in which you will comment on your feelings and ask for any explanations regarding the evolutions made.
Also, know that before you get on the glider, you will be able to agree with the world champion on the features of the flight, so that the whole experience will remain in your memories as something unique and exciting.

Recommended clothing and equipment Sportswear
What’s included
Operational Briefing on Experience
Towing at altitude
30 minutes of Flight in an acrobatic glider with Luca Bertossio
Official “Luca Bertossio” bracelet
Poster with customized dedication
Additional information
In order to be able to carry out the activity, it is necessary to be in possession of an identification document or passport.
Photo and Video on request, to be agreed with the pilot on the day of the experience
Cancellation policy


Flight Lesson – Non-acrobatic flight lesson of 20 min € 249.00
Top of the world experience – Acrobatic flight of 30 min € 279.00
Day Airshow – A full day with Luca Bertossio + Acrobatic Flight € 529.00
Aviosuperficie di Ozzano - Via Sabbionara, 5, 40064 Ozzano dell'Emilia BO

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